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In 2012, Americans generated about 251 million tons of trash and recycled almost 87 million tons of it, at about a 34.5% recycling rate.  Not too shabby! Hey, that means that one in every 3 pieces of garbage in our houses is going into a recycling container of some sort...and sounds about right in my house. But, those of us who do recycle want to always be doing more...call it planet guilt or recycling fever but once you start you will never stop. You will forever think twice before you place anything into any garbage can, and I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way!

Undoubtedly, our conscious efforts thus far has had an impact on our planet and we pay it forward by making this a normal habit for our future generations. But, nonetheless, the fact that the massive estimated 5.8 MILLION SQUARE MILE (you can see it from space!) accumulation of garbage swimming around in one big heap in the ocean, loving called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by environmentalists, even exists weights heavily on our hearts.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

And so, we mindfully, and carefully separate our garbage into their respective categories and deposit them in their designated receptacles wherever they shall live in our home as part of our normal routine in a valiant effort  NOT to add to this swimming garbage heap and/or other questionable landfill...and good on you for doing so!

But, truth be told, once the men (or women) in the big truck empty our bins of carefully separated waste and cart them away, we don't actually know what becomes of them. We have faith that wherever they end up they are recycled as promised. 

That's where we come in. We don't want to see our lovely jars go even into your recycling bin, and heaven forbid into the trash!  The jars we chose are a high quality and most certainly have a longer life than the time it takes to burn the candle it contains. So, as an incentive to our customers, we offer the following:


Bring us back your jars, if they came with a lid we will need that back too.  Obviously, they cannot be cracked or damaged as that would defeat the purpose. We will happily clean it and reuse it.  as an incentive, for every one of our jars you return, you can get any new one for a significant discount (as much as 50% off the regular price).

How to return the jars back to us:

OPTION 1:     Bring them to our store - Located at 309 Hamburg Turnpike, Butler, NJ 07405

OPTION 2:     Find us at an event in New Jersey/New York.

Check out the Events page to see when we are hitting the road and coming to a town near you.

OPTION 3:     Ship 'em

If we are not local to you, and options 1 & 2 are not really options for you, you can ship them to us at the address above. Wrap them well because we can't replace broken Jars.

In your package, Instruct us on what you would like you replace them with and we will ship them off to you. Since you've already paid for shipping on the empty, we will ship the new jars back to you with 50% off shipping on the. Full ones. Keep the packaging and box we send it to you in to reuse when you ship the empty jars back next time!