Pure Delight Candles

Artisans of Candle Making - 100% Soy - Handmade to Order


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Sustainable & renewable Vegetable-Based wax
  • Low carbon soot emission resulting in no black residue left behind in your home
  • Clean burning  - Ideal for people with allergies or respiratory issues
  • Slow burning, longer burn time & greater scent throw than traditional waxes.
  • Clean, even melt with little or no leftover wax making it an economical choice as well!



  • Paraffin wax used for traditional candles is derived from petroleum, which when burned gives off harmful toxic fumes, which may cause carcinogens to be released into the air you are breathing?
  • Color additives in candles are artificially chemical based and contribute to toxic air quality when burned.